Book Writing Service

We all have a story we can tell about an event or experience we have had. We may wish to leave a legacy so that our friends and family can remember us. With UK Content Writers we can make this possible and where you may not have the skills in writing we can make it possible and turn your transcripts into a book you can treasure.

We offer four different options, including a bespoke service, tailored made to your requirements.

  • Concise Service
  • Standard Service
  • Premium Service
  • Bespoke Service

Creating a Biography with us is Easy.

How It Works.

You’re just four steps away from holding your life story in your hands

1. Interviews

If you decide to commission ‘UK Content Writers’ for your memoirs or biography, we will assign you with an experienced professional writer.

Currently, we are only offering this service purely online.

We recommend you send us copies of manuscripts and journals (not originals). We also advise that you can also submit audio recordings via email. Alternatively, we can arrange a Zoom, Skype or Teams call so that we can interview you.

We may in the future work to meet you face to face at a convenient place. We will let you know online on this page if this will be at all possible.

2. Writing

Your ghost-writer is a person who writes on your behalf and you get all the credit. A ghostwriter will transform your memories into reality and craft a well-written narrative. Your story will be constructed in a way that reads like the first person (you) has put pen to paper. Once your book has been drafted and proofread, we will ask you to read it and make any necessary amendments or additions before going to the next stage.

3. Layout

Once you have approved the content of your book, you may be required to submit any photographs that you may need to be included in the book, including a portrait of yourself for the bio. We will then curate and typeset your book ready for publication. At this stage, you may also need a dust jacket designed. We will work with you to select the right image and title. You will have another opportunity to read your biography or memoir again to be completely satisfied with the design and the content of your book before the book is printed and bound.

4. Printing

You may order as many or as few quantities of your book. The more books you order in bulk the cheaper the overall order will become.

Concise biography written and printed by UK Content Writers

Concise Biography

Sometimes an author may not want to write their full life story but more about an event or experience. This type of book may not have as many chapters and may chronicle a short part of your life story in a more petite manner. This type of book may be ideal to mark a milestone in your life such as a birthday, or anniversary. It may be an event that changed your life that you want to share with your readers.

  • Total hours (five) of interviews
  • Maximum length: 15,000 words
  • Up to 35 images
  • Up to 90 pages
  • Cover design/printed paper case
  • Five hardback books plus a digital copy of your book
  • £1,999 (A one-off fee). 50% deposit paid upfront and the final amount when before the book goes to print.
  • (Instalments of £200 per month spread over 12 months = £2,400)
  • If you only require one book the cost will be £500

Standard Biography written, printed, and bound by UK Content Writers

Standard Biography

A standard Biography offers an opportunity to tell the story of your life in more depth.

  • Total hours (ten) of interviews
  • Maximum length: 30,000 words
  • Up to 45 images
  • Up to 150 pages
  • Bespoke cover design/dust jacket
  • Five cloth bound and sewn hardback books plus a digital copy of your book.
  • £4,999. (A one-off fee). 50% deposit paid upfront and the final amount when before the book goes to print.
  • (Instalment of £500 per month spread over 12 months = £6,000)
  • If you require only one book the cost will be £1,200

Premium Biography hardback ghost-written and printed by UK Content Writers.

Full-length Biography

A Full-Length Biography includes research and records in precise detail your entire life story.

  • Total hours (30) of interviews
  • Maximum length: 50,000 words
  • Up to 150 images
  • Up to 250 pages
  • Bespoke cover design/dust jacket
  • Ten cloth-bound and sewn hardback books plus a digital copy of your book
  • £9,999. (One-off fee). 50% deposit paid upfront and the final amount when before the book goes to print.
  • (Instalments of £900 per month, spread over 12 months = £10,800)
  • If you only require one book the cost will be £1,200

Please note that payments can be made in affordable monthly installments.

Bespoke Books

Sometimes your book project may be complicated. You may wish us to do research, and edit images. In some cases, our service needs to be more customized to fit in with your requirements. You may require a special paper or a special finish, you may want illustrations, interviews with multiple people, transcription of documents, or transcribing from audio. We would be glad to give you a no-obligation quote using the online form below.

What is Included?

Our expertise and quality are second to none. We are UK’s leading content writers. We have a team of skilled writers waiting to take on your project. We take time when interviewing our subject so that we can understand and digest every little detail that is said to us. We record the interviews and delete the recording once we have written the content unless the client requests otherwise. We take great care and attention to the detail of our writing, editing, and proofreading and we can offer different finishes to the final touch.

Interviews & Writing

Interviews can be conducted over an online call which will be recorded or you could at your leisure record your audio story and send it to us. In most cases, we will send you a guide on how your story should start and how it should finish this will then be customized and integrated into your draft. Your story is unique to you and you are the only person that truly knows at what point in your life you wish your story to start. You may want to omit your childhood whereas another person may want to include it.

Fact-Checking & Consistency

We are governed by our editorial code to fact-check all information and add citations and sources where ever necessary. All dates, spellings, and facts are checked before we make the final draft. Consistency is important to us. We will use a uniform of dates, for example, we will write numbers and dates in the same order throughout the book. A proofread books give a professional finish.

Typesetting & Design

Our books are thoughtfully typeset and designed, ensuring the pages look professionally made and look neat, tidy, and easy to read. Images will be positioned as per your instructions, with our recommendations where the design is aesthetically pleasing. If necessary, we will digitally enhance your photographs for a nominable fee of £10 per image. Some images may need some photoshopping which takes time, such as removing people and background, merging two images into one, retouching old photos, etc.

Printing & Binding

Choices of Finishes.

  • Standard Paper 80# Semi Matte (118 GSM)
  • Premium Paper, Lustre or Matte 100# Premium Lustre Gloss or Premium Matte (148 GSM)
  • Mohawk Superfine Eggshell 100# Mohawk Superfine Uncoated (148 GSM)
  • Mohawk ProPhoto Pearl 140# Mohawk Photo Gloss (190 GSM)
  • Premium Lustre – Layflat 295# Gloss Paper (432 GSM)
  • Mohawk Superfine Eggshell – Layflat 402# Double Thick (596 GSM)
  • Mohawk ProPhoto Pearl – Layflat 506# Double Thick (750 GSM)

During the finishing process, the pages are sewn* rather than glued, which makes the books more durable.

Our hardcover dust jacket photo book formats offer three linen choices. The default is black linen which you can upgrade to oatmeal or charcoal, pictured below.

Black linen (default)


Oatmeal linen

Charcoal linen

What’s the difference between coated and uncoated papers?

Coated papers are papers that are coated with glossy, semi-gloss, or matte finishes. All photo books and both magazine papers are coated, except our Mohawk Superfine Eggshell photo book paper (formerly called Proline Uncoated). A paper does not have to be “glossy” to be considered coated.

Coated paper has an agent added to its surface in order to improve brightness, smoothness, or other printing properties. Once the coating is applied to the paper, rollers help to “polish” the paper.  It fills in the tiny pits and spaces between the fibers, giving it a smooth, flat surface.

What does this coating do for the printed book?  

First, it makes the printed material more shiny and bright, which is why it is typically used for brochures, glossy photos, booklets, and more. Second, the coating restricts how the paper absorbs ink, helping to prevent the ink from bleeding. This is a desirable trait for complex designs or images that must be sharp. Finally, coated paper is more resistant to dirt, moisture, and wear, which will help it to last longer.

Uncoated paper does not have a coating to fill in between the fibers. It is generally rougher than coated paper and tends to be more porous, which makes it very absorbent.  Images printed on uncoated paper will be softer and less crisp. Uncoated papers are great options for novels or books that you will be writing. All of the trade books are printed on uncoated paper.

The rough texture of the uncoated paper is a great option for some art books too. Our beautiful Mohawk Superfine Eggshell paper (formerly called Proline Uncoated) is our one uncoated photo book paper, which will make for a stunning presentation of artwork.

Paper NameBest UseFinishWeightPage
StandardEconomical photo booksSemi-matte80# (118 GSM)20-440 pages
Premium LustrePhoto books with more gloss and a thicker pageHint of gloss100# (148 GSM)20-240 pages
Premium MattePhoto books and art books with a more subdued feel.Matte100# (148 GSM)20-240 pages
Mohawk Superfine Eggshell (formerly ProLine Uncoated)Illustration, printmaking, collage, watercolor paintingUncoated, with an eggshell texture100# (148 GSM)20-240 pages
Mohawk proPhoto Pearl (formerly ProLine Pearl Photo)High-end photo booksSemi-gloss140# (190 GSM)20-240 pages
Premium Lustre — Layflat  (formerly Standard Layflat)Photo books with images crossing two pagesHint of gloss295# (432 GSM)20-110 pages
Premium Lustre — Layflat* (formerly Standard Layflat)Photo books with images crossing two pagesSilk finish with matte laminated text pages 340 GSM20-110 pages
Mohawk prophoto Pearl — LayflatPhoto books with images crossing two pagesSemi-gloss506# (750 GSM)20-110 pages
Mohawk Superfine Eggshell — LayflatPhoto books with images crossing two pagesUncoated, with an eggshell texture402# (596 GSM)20-110 pages


*Ships to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

This Semi-matte 80# (118 GSM) paper is available for books with 20-440 pages and is the only option for Photo Book formats with more than 240 pages.

Great for: All kinds of photo books or art books where the price is a concern or you have more than 240 pages.

Premium Lustre

This 100# (148 GSM) paper has a hint of gloss. It’s around 35% heavier and slightly more opaque than our Standard paper. It has great tonal range and contrast, and prints with deeper blacks than our Premium Matte paper. This paper is only available for books with 20-240 pages.

Great for: Photo books that will benefit a little bit more gloss and a heftier page.

Premium Matte

This 100# matte paper has a slight sheen to paper, which adds richness to its finish and feel. It’s around 35% heavier and more opaque than our Standard paper. This paper is only available for books with 20-240 pages.

Great for: Photo books and art books with a more subdued feel. Paintings and drawings, in particular, are better presented in Matte than Lustre. But if fine art is your thing, also check out Mohawk Superfine Eggshell.

Mohawk Superfine Eggshell (formerly ProLine Uncoated)

This 100# uncoated paper is an archival-quality paper with an eggshell-textured uncoated finish manufactured by Mohawk Fine Papers, one of the most respected makers of paper for use in photography and design books. This paper is only available for books with 20-240 pages.

Great for: Illustration, print-making, collage, and watercolor painting—this is a fantastic paper for fine art projects. It’s also a great choice for photography, particularly where you want a more artisanal look. It will magnify grain.

Mohawk ProPhoto Pearl (formerly ProLine Pearl Photo)

This semi-gloss, 140# (190 GSM) paper is made for use in high-end photo books. It has a slightly glossier finish than our Premium Lustre paper, and is slightly heavier than our other papers, except our Layflat papers. This paper is only available for books with 20-240 pages.

Great for: Photo books with bright colors, warm skin tones, deep blacks, silvery greys. It has the look of traditional photo paper.

Layflat papers

Heavyweight versions of Premium Lustre, Mohawk Superfine Eggshell, and Mohawk ProPhoto Pearl papers are also available in Layflat formats.

Layflat paper and binding allow your book to open totally flat. These paper and binding options are only available for books with 20-110 pages.

Great for: Photo books with lots of photos that cover two-facing pages. Facing pages are printed on a single continuous sheet of paper and folded in the center of the spread so there’s no interruption to your images.

Why are there different paper specifications for our Premium Lustre Layflat books depending on my shipping destination?

Locally sourcing paper and producing books allows us to reduce your book’s carbon footprint. This also happens to mean you get your orders faster and with lower shipping costs. Premium Lustre Layflat paper is sourced locally in North America while European Premium Lustre Layflat paper is sourced locally in Europe. 

While there are some slight changes to the paper specifications and paperweight, you’ll find that these live up to the high-quality book standards you’ve grown to expect from us.

UK Content Writers Gifts

UK Content Writers offers gift vouchers to present to your friends, family, colleagues, and customers. Gift Vouchers are ideal as an extra add-on to offer your customers. We are currently designing vouchers and will add a link to our voucher page soon. You may want to offer vouchers to give as gifts for your own book project or vouchers to motivate people to write their own stories. Whatever the occasion a gift such as this is something that will be treasured for a lifetime. Maybe you’re looking for an unusual way to thank a colleague for his or her retirement. Perhaps you are searching for a present for a milestone birthday. You could mark an anniversary with a memoir book gift for a special couple.

Gift Voucher Ideas.

  • A work milestone, an event, or an achievement.
  • A retirement present
  • A Birthday, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, 100th.
  • An Engagement, A Wedding, The Birth of a Baby, An Anniversary, a silver wedding, a ruby wedding, a golden wedding, a diamond wedding.
  • Memoirs
  • Photo Book.
  • War Book.
  • Personal Experience, Life Changing.

Other Services

UK Content Writers can help you polish up your manuscript. We can also help with image editing, layout and design, proofreading, and printing your biography or memoir.


You may already have written some or all of your life story in a journal, but you may be unsure about what to do next. It may be a good idea to have your work independently edited by someone who is not as close to the project as you are. The second set of eyes not only gives another perspective but will give a fresh outlook on some areas that may need improving. UK Content Writers can optimize and tidy up your typing, and check for any errors or inconsistencies that you may not have noticed.

**Editing of existing books costs £100 per change, including inserting, deleting, and replacing content.

Typesetting, design & printing

Once you have approved the draft edition and all the typesetting and artwork we will print a sample copy for you to sign off the finished book.


At UK Content Writers we have a team of writers and proofreaders that are eagle-eyed and can scan your words to make sure that errors are caught before going to press—not afterward.

Information about end sheets

Printing books may include an introduction page, a chapter list page, and may have an end sheet which is usually left blank.

  1. What is an end sheet?
  2. Can end sheets have content printed on them?
  3. What does an end sheet look like?
  4. Which books have end sheets?
  5. What are the end sheet color choices?

What is an end sheet? 

End sheets are the pieces of paper glued to the inside of your hardcover book’s front and back cover. They attach to the bound-together pages (the page block) and hold the page block to the hardcover case. 

Can end sheets have content printed on them?

Our end sheets can’t be designed on or printed on.

What does an end sheet look like?

Below is a sample of a standard mid-grey end sheet in one of our Photo Book formats. (Due to differences in monitor calibration the end sheet colors pictured here may look a bit different in real life).


Which books have end sheets?

  • Our perfect-bound Hardcover Dust Jacket and Hardcover ImageWrap Photo Book formats offer a range of end sheet colors as seen below.
  • Our Layflat books don’t have end sheets. They have a single sheet of white paper glued to the inside front cover and inside back cover. These can’t be designed on or upgraded to another color.
  • Softcover books and magazines do not have end sheets.

What are the end sheet color choices?

Trade Book Formats

  • Hardcover ImageWrap and Dust Jacket Trade books have white/off-white end sheets.
  • If you choose Trade Cream paper the end sheets will still be white/off-white. It is not possible to get cream end sheets at this time.
  • Softcover Trade books (like all softcover books) do not have end sheets at all.

Perfect-Bound Hardcover Photo Books

  • After we upload your Hardcover ImageWrap or Dust Jacket perfect-bound Photo Book, you can choose our default standard mid-grey end sheet at no extra cost or upgrade to one of the other colors below. 
  • Remember, due to differences in monitor calibration the end sheet colors pictured here may look a bit different in real life.
Standard Mid-Grey End Sheet.
Charcoal End Sheet.
White End Sheet.
Black End Sheet.
Light Grey End Sheet.

Archival quality, acid-free paper

If you’re interested in making sure your books keep looking great years after they are printed, you’re probably wondering about the quality of our paper. All the photo book paper types are archival quality and acid-free. 

All of our books should last as long as a typical bookstore book with proper care. Keep books away from direct sun, excessive heat, and moisture and they’ll have long happy lives!

Can I print on 100% recycled paper?

We do not have 100% recycled paper to select for your book.

Our standard photo book paper contains 10% recycled content.

** Please note research of content and editing of images will be billed separately. Please use this form below to contact us to discuss your book requirements: