Copywriting is a service of writing content for advertising purposes or other forms of marketing. The purpose of copywriting is to increase brand awareness of a product or service. It is also known as a copy or sales copy. It is written content that makes people aware that the product exists and what it does. It is meant to be memorable so that it is recognized.

With the power of persuasion people can make proactive decisions to purchase the product or service with clever slogans, and taglines, that can make a person remember, through gorilla marketing techniques, entertainment, and a touch of humor, or simply shock you.

  • Good copywriting is a perfectly crafted piece of work that is well-written content and optimized to build brand awareness and converts potential buyers into actual customers.
  • More than being stylish and impressive, a copy needs to establish trust and authenticity, it helps to build relationships
  • A copy packed with good humour is entertaining and becomes memorable.
  • Copywriting educates the audience or buyer into knowing what your product or service is about.

A prime example s of copywriting is that of:


Ad copywriter, Frances Gerety, came up with the famous tagline for De Beers in the 1940s, when only the rich and famous bought diamonds.

It’s effective because it directly connected diamonds with eternal love (instead of wealth) and — virtually overnight — diamond engagement rings became the symbol of that sentiment. By 1951, 80% of brides in the United States wore a diamond ring, a tradition that continues to this day.

So great was the tagline, it has been used in every De Beers ad for engagement rings since 1948. In 1956, it inspired the title of a James Bond novel, and in 1971 the Shirley Bassey song of the same name (Diamonds are Forever).

In 1999, it was named ‘The Slogan of the Century’ by Advertising Age.