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If you are a novice and are just starting out, you should learn everything there is to know about building a website yourself.

I pointed out to someone the other day about their nonexistent Cookie Banner and this person said to me she did not think that was important.

I wrote most recently on my other site about why business owners need to learn about SEO, Marketing, The Importance of Keyword Domains Names, Blogs, and Content Writing before trying their hand at building websites themselves.

Business Owners Should Learn About SEO, Domain Names, and Marketing. – CYMRU DIGITAL MARKETING BUSINESS JOURNAL (

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Renata is a businesswoman and published author. Renata is the editor of UK Content Writers. She primarily focuses on Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Website Design, Develo[pment, SEO, and Domain Brokering.

Renata is also the Editor of '', UK Website Designers, Cymru Marketing Journal, UK Domain Brokers, and Disability UK Online Magazine.

Renata offers several services for startups and SMEs.

Renata has a large network of over 10K connections on LinkedIn, compromising of Directors, CEOs, Millionaires, Billionaires, and Royalty.

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