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Personal Independence Payments – Fight For Your Rights

Personal Independence Payments – Fight For Your Rights.

This article was written by Renata Barnes Editor. It talks about how to prepare yourself for a telephone or face-to-face assessment and how one disabled lawyer took DWP to court for discrimination.

You can read the article here: Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Assessments | DISABLED ENTREPRENEUR – DISABILITY UK

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How to Create an eBook – Free PDF Download.

Download a free eBook on “How to Create an eBook” currently being marketed and advertised on our sister site. Just follow the link and under the same image as above you will see a download button. We are not even looking for sign-ups. The author just wants to get her name out there so that more people recognize her craftmanship and hopefully hire her.

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Medium Writers Partnership

We have today joined forces with

The Editors Username & URL


I chose this username as it matches with my personal brand online business card which points to

I now have to build a network of followers of at least 100. If I have over 11K on LinkedIn how hard can it be?

This now does not limit me to content writing because I could promote all my services by producing content writing around each niche and simply referring back to this site or our default site I feel my personal brand gives a more personal touch.

I have not started writing one medium yet, but each time I do I will create backlinks and post them here.

However I have been busy on my other sites with the most recent articles here:

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SEO, Keyword Domains, Marketing & Blogs.

SEO, Keyword Domains, Marketing, and Blogs.

If you are a novice and are just starting out, you should learn everything there is to know about building a website yourself.

I pointed out to someone the other day about their nonexistent Cookie Banner and this person said to me she did not think that was important.

I wrote most recently on my other site about why business owners need to learn about SEO, Marketing, The Importance of Keyword Domains Names, Blogs, and Content Writing before trying their hand at building websites themselves.

Business Owners Should Learn About SEO, Domain Names, and Marketing. – CYMRU DIGITAL MARKETING BUSINESS JOURNAL (

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Guest Posts Needed.

Guest Posts Needed!

We need posts on the following subjects!

  1. Cost Of Living Crisis
  2. Energy Prices
  3. Gas Shortages
  4. Food Shortages
  5. How to Feed a Family on a Low Budget
  6. Low Budget Recipes
  7. How To Reduce Your Energy Usage
  8. Financial Advice (Managing Money)
  9. Politics
  10. Economics
  11. Business
  12. Deficit Spending
  13. Inflation
  14. Interest Rates
  15. The Debt Ceiling
  16. Creditors
  17. Federal Bank
  18. The Money System
  19. The 1% That Rule The World
  20. Putin’s War
  21. Third World War
  22. Banking
  23. Law
  24. Sport
  25. Football
  26. Horse Racing (Syndications)
  27. How The Rich Are Getting Richer
  28. Domain Brokering News
  29. Website and WordPress Tutorials and Ideas
  30. Blogging
  31. Personal Independence Payments Assessments
  32. Personal Disability Stories
  33. Personal Struggles Stories
  34. Health & Wellbeing
  35. Multiple Sclerosis (Stories)
  36. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Stories)
  37. Cerebellar Atrophy (Fact & Stories)
  38. Bi-Polar Disorder (Stories)
  39. Depression (Struggles and Stories)
  40. Anxiety (Struggles and Stories)
  41. Stress (Struggles and Stories)
  42. Mental Health
  43. Racism
  44. Disabled Entrepreneurs
  45. Neuroplasticity (Re-wiring Your Brain)
  46. Hypnosis
  47. ESP
  48. Remote Viewing
  49. Motivation
  50. Empowerment
  51. Artificial Intelligence
  52. Technology
  53. Pets
  54. Short Stories
  55. Solar Power
  56. Small Business Struggles (Energy Prices)
  57. Difficulty Generating Business
  58. Creating Multiple Streams Of Income
  59. GP Waiting Times
  60. NHS Bad Service

We are open to any niche and we will publish your work here and share it on our network of websites, blogs, social media, pages, and groups. There has never been a good time like the present to start writing. Start a career in writing. The internet would be very boring without content. This means you get to write and express your views, whilst generating backlinks to your own site. All content has to be approved by us before publication. We do not accept adult material, fake news, or profanities. If you are an expert in the specialist field for mental or physical disabilities we would love to hear from you. **Please note we do not accept bloggers that sell their articles to us. This platform offers a landing page for our paid members with search engine optimization or guest posting where you can submit your articles for free.

If you have any questions just drop us a line using the form below:

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Book Writing

Book Writing.

Everyone who writes books all dreams of being the next best-selling author but in reality if your book is not well written and is not marketed properly the chances of you being the next JK Rowling are going to be a bit slim. Take for example JK Rowling she got rejected 12 times by publishers before her Harry Potter book got published.

The original synopsis of J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book is on display at the British Library.

Firstly, do not give up your day job to be an author, write in your spare time. Relying on income or a book publisher signing you up takes time and a lot of effort and is not always guaranteed.

Set realistic expectations, your book may not sell a million copies in the first year, in fact, it may never sell at all.

Decide if you will use a book publisher or self-publish. Self-publishing you get more money because publishers also will want their cut from the sales, after all, they will do all your marketing and advertising.

By self-publishing, you will have to do all the marketing and advertising yourself or hire an agency. You could also advertise in our shop. If you are going to be selling your books yourself, you will have to buy the books upfront or set up print-on-demand like some shops, such as Amazon.

Have a plan, and decide what you are going to write about. Writing books is not easy and it needs strategic planning.

With marketing secure a domain name that matches the title of your book. This will give you a platform to not only sell your book but also have teasers that you can entertain your audience with. Never give too much away. You could also have an author brand domain name where you could sell all your books in one place and also journal about yourself.

Give yourself a reasonable deadline. A book may take many months to write or years in some cases.

You also need to have somewhere quiet without distractions to work in. You need a place where you can think clearly. Writing a book takes dedication and perseverance.

Schedule a time and place to write each day.

When deciding on writing a book you need a solid plan and never write on a whim. If you are not serious or have writer’s block your book may never see the light of day. You need to be disciplined.

Sometimes you need motivation and inspiration. If you are finding it hard to complete a chapter, take a break, and never force yourself because what may come out may not be worth the paper it is written on.

Similar to starting a business or building a website you take one task or page at a time. Rushing causes errors and a rushed book will not get sales.

Depending on how fast you want to complete your book will determine how much time you need to invest in your project.

If you are an entrepreneur and self-employed you can choose your own hours to fit around your projected goals. Rome was not built overnight and nor will not your book. Set a realistic timeframe. Similar to building a business or a website it makes some time before you can officially launch it.

Normally I can build websites in a matter of days but this website is over 105 pages and need 105 pages of content. If I set my time to completing 10 pages a day it will take me 10 days to build the structure and foundations before performing SEO and launching it for all the world to see. You do need to set out a writing plan because it defines exactly what you will do to finish your book.

Inspiration comes from the heart it is something you feel passionate about and believes that what you write will hopefully inspire and entertain your readers.

For you to be an author you have to write consistently every day. You have to set times in your diary where you cannot be disturbed.

Think about the environment where you will do your writing. The more you plan and research upfront the clearer your writing path will be.

The time you want to complete your book has to be calculated how many hours in the day you can dedicate to finishing your project.

When designing a developing website or blog you also need to schedule so many hours in the day to meet a deadline.

If you are a newbie to writing it is your first time dedicating up to two hours a day. Do not push yourself otherwise you may burn yourself out. To be realistic a lot of authors cannot write (effectively) for more than three hours a day.

When writing articles it might take me a whole day to do my research, write the article, proofread it and add backlinks never mind performing SEO. When it comes to writing a book you should check for spelling and grammatical errors before publishing.

Only you can decide how quickly you want to finish the book and how many hours in the day your a prepared to invest. Momentum is a key element in seeing a book through from beginning to end.

Your fundamental plan will help you stay focused so you continue moving in the right direction.

Decide on the environment that suits you best to write your book. I prefer to write in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of everyday distractions.

I prefer a controlled setting where I can regulate the temperature and reduce any ambient noise. It is your choice at the end of the day and if staying at home or in an isolated place is too much to bear take regular breaks. Some people can work in coffee shops and in offices surrounded by people but other find secluded from the outside world a more ideal setting. You should write where you feel the most comfortable.

Set a specific writing goal (250 Words Per Day). When I write posts I do not always count my words especially if the articles are for our sites, but sometimes it makes me all day to write, re-write, and add more content.

Only you can decide how far you can push yourself. In addition to scheduling the time and place of each writing session, give yourself a specific writing goal for each session.

An average recommend goal is to write 250 words per hour. This is approximately the number of words per page in a printed book. So if you’re writing about 250 words, that’s about a page a day.

Starting in small manageable increments will give you the confidence to write more the next day. Similar to doing a workout you would not go without doing a warm-up first, the same should be said when you first write, take baby steps and work yourself up each and every day until you can manage bigger workloads. this will help you in the future if you have to work to deadlines.

By writing just 250 words a day, you can get a 120-page (30,000-word) first draft done in about four months. Working to deadlines demands accountability. If your goal or deadline is to finish a book or a website in a month you have to calculate precisely how many hours in the day you will need to dedicate to complete the assignment.

If you can write at a reasonable speed, give yourself two weeks per chapter. If you want to move slower, allow three weeks. If you have a busy work schedule do not try to burn yourself out by writing more than your body can handle. Be realistic as your health is more important that any book you write. If you are living in the fast lane you have two options write the book yourself and give yourself a few months to complete it or hire a writer to write the book for you.

Do not announce you are writing a book as you never know what is waiting for us around the corner if you have no plans of finishing it. You may get a lot of interest but you will end up with an egg on your face if you cannot complete your book in time and consequently risk people losing interest. Announce your book when you are one or two chapters away so it gives the internet time to expect the launch of your book.

Similar to launching a website or blog never announce it too early because people will get bored when they visit and find blank pages. Announce your book launch when you are nearly finishing it. You can mention it on social media or even dedicate a whole website or blog to your book.

In order for the world to know you are an author, you need to announce to the world who you are and create your personal brand. You could simply call the website or blog your own name or you could be the name of your book. Or it could be a landing page from an exact match searchable keyword domain website with a landing page that showcases your work and talks about your publications. It lets readers find out more about the author. Having your name on an actual website dedicated to authors will give you the credibility and recognition you deserve.

Write Your Book

Before letting your fingers loose on your keyboard, you first need to map out your book. What is your book going to be about?

  • Is your book going to be an information, guide, or tutorial?
  • Is your book going to be a ‘How To Manual’?
  • Is your book going to be on research or whitepaper?
  • Is it going to be a book of recipes?
  • Is your book going to be poetry?
  • How about a children’s book?
  • Is your book going to be a novel, fiction, or non-fiction?
  • A biography or autobiography?

You then need to decide what niche or industry, health, beauty, travel, science fiction, metaphysical, action and adventure, a thriller, comedy, children’s story, etc.

  • You then have to map out the beginning, middle, and end.
  • If your book is fiction, create a few endings and see which one will suit your book, or publish all the endings to give the reader an opportunity to decide which ending they preferred.
  • Once you have completed your draft get your family friends and colleagues to read it for constructive criticism.
  • Proofread the book.

Deciding what area you are going to write about will help you construct the foundations to hopefully be a best seller.

When it comes to publishing you have two options you either find a publisher that will pay your royalties upfront or you publish the book yourself.

If you try to get your book published by a publisher and there is no guarantee that a book sign will happen for you, they will have to do all the marketing and advertising to get sales. They will have to decide on the book positioning and where best your book will fit into what niche.

Benefits of writing a book.

  • Your book will spread awareness.
  • Your book will increase its visibility in the niche positioning.
  • Your book may inspire, motivate and impact people’s lives if it is ‘True Story.
  • Your book will raise your profile and increase your authority and credibility.
  • Your book may get you, new clients, and open doors and opportunities.
  • Your book may create speaking engagements.
  • Your book may be made into a film.
  • Your book will leave a lasting legacy with your friends, family, and followers and your words will be remembered forever.

Finish Your Book.

  • Be concise, do not ramble or overcomplicate, and have a solid ending.
  • The goal is to neatly summarize your book.
  • Give value.
  • If your book is a guide write references at the end.
  • The ending should not be too long.
  • Decide on a title.
  • Decide on a Cover.
  • Design the Artwork.
  • Summarise the author.
  • Add links to other publications.


Try not to be the person that starts a project and never comes back to it, try to stay focused and motivated. Set reminders so that you can return to your book a page at a time. Do not try to do too much, you will burn yourself out.

If you can teach, inspire, motivate and entertain you have the gift to write a book.

People will thank you, follow you, and want to connect with you if you can give them value.

Now go write your book…

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