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Guest Posts Needed.

Guest Posts Needed!

We need posts on the following subjects!

  1. Cost Of Living Crisis
  2. Energy Prices
  3. Gas Shortages
  4. Food Shortages
  5. How to Feed a Family on a Low Budget
  6. Low Budget Recipes
  7. How To Reduce Your Energy Usage
  8. Financial Advice (Managing Money)
  9. Politics
  10. Economics
  11. Business
  12. Deficit Spending
  13. Inflation
  14. Interest Rates
  15. The Debt Ceiling
  16. Creditors
  17. Federal Bank
  18. The Money System
  19. The 1% That Rule The World
  20. Putin’s War
  21. Third World War
  22. Banking
  23. Law
  24. Sport
  25. Football
  26. Horse Racing (Syndications)
  27. How The Rich Are Getting Richer
  28. Domain Brokering News
  29. Website and WordPress Tutorials and Ideas
  30. Blogging
  31. Personal Independence Payments Assessments
  32. Personal Disability Stories
  33. Personal Struggles Stories
  34. Health & Wellbeing
  35. Multiple Sclerosis (Stories)
  36. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Stories)
  37. Cerebellar Atrophy (Fact & Stories)
  38. Bi-Polar Disorder (Stories)
  39. Depression (Struggles and Stories)
  40. Anxiety (Struggles and Stories)
  41. Stress (Struggles and Stories)
  42. Mental Health
  43. Racism
  44. Disabled Entrepreneurs
  45. Neuroplasticity (Re-wiring Your Brain)
  46. Hypnosis
  47. ESP
  48. Remote Viewing
  49. Motivation
  50. Empowerment
  51. Artificial Intelligence
  52. Technology
  53. Pets
  54. Short Stories
  55. Solar Power
  56. Small Business Struggles (Energy Prices)
  57. Difficulty Generating Business
  58. Creating Multiple Streams Of Income
  59. GP Waiting Times
  60. NHS Bad Service

We are open to any niche and we will publish your work here and share it on our network of websites, blogs, social media, pages, and groups. There has never been a good time like the present to start writing. Start a career in writing. The internet would be very boring without content. This means you get to write and express your views, whilst generating backlinks to your own site. All content has to be approved by us before publication. We do not accept adult material, fake news, or profanities. If you are an expert in the specialist field for mental or physical disabilities we would love to hear from you. **Please note we do not accept bloggers that sell their articles to us. This platform offers a landing page for our paid members with search engine optimization or guest posting where you can submit your articles for free.

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